Outlook Ridge Residences - PRICE LIST

DMCI : Outlook Ridge Residences For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio Type ₱ 2,529,615 28 sqm
2 Bedrooms ₱ 3,877,000 45 sqm
2 Bedrooms ₱ 4,844,000 53 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Spot Cash
Spot Cash with 10% Discount
15 - 85 ( 4.5% Discount on DP )
15% DP with 4.5% discount
85% Turn Over Balance Payable Thru In- House or BF
20 - 80 ( 5% Discount on DP )
20% DP with 5% Discount on DP
80% Turn Over Balance Payable thru In- House or BF
40 - 60 ( 7% Discount )
40% DP with 7% discount DP
60% Turn Over Balance Payable Thru In- House or BF
50 - 50 ( 7% Discount)
50% DP with 7% discount on DP
50% Turn over Balance Payable thru In - House or BF
2% PDC discount will be applied provided complete documents and PDCs are submitted within 30 days from reservation date
30 70 ( 6% Discount )
30% Down Payment with 6% discount on DP
70% Turn Over Balance Payable thru In- House or BF
Closing Fee Options
Scheme 1 : Cash payment : 9.6% of the TCP
Scheme 2 : Down payment period : 10% of the TCP
Scheme 3 : One time payment on RFO date : 10.5% of the TCP

Owning a home at Outlook Ridge Residences is not just a realization of your dream to own a home but a chance to live the life you have always wished. Though you might have to spend a little bit more than you would in other areas, bear in mind that this is a high-end property that provides everything you need. It’s a nicely built property that makes access to the best schools, churches, hospitals and commercial centers easy. Whether you want to live forever or relocate after some years, you have no reason not to choose a unit here. Your property will constantly rise in value, and you’ll reap big.

DMCI Homes, the developer of Outlook Ridge Residences has always surprised homebuyers with the best properties that come second to none. If you want to be carefully guided through the process of owning a home right from the beginning to the end, then try them out. You will get motivated and inspired to give your family the best gift of a modern home in an area that’s beautifully surrounded by pines. It’s time to enjoy the fresh air, cool environment and sit back to enjoy a closer feel of nature.

Finally, Outlook Ridge Residences gives you a chance to enjoy a meaningful life in Baguio City. You need to take a step today. It’s everyone’s wish to find a good home. Don’t take too long only to realize that all the units have been taken. Kick off the process now, choose a unit you love and become a homeowner.


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