Outlook Ridge Residences

Outlook Drive, Baguio City Condo

Outlook Ridge Residences

Project at a Glance
Project Location: De Los Reyes St., Outlook Drive, Baguio City
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: 53 sqm. to 73 sqm
Price Range: Php 3.2 M to Php 4.7 M


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Outlook Ridge Residences By DMCI

Looking for the latest leisure residential property that will always offer you a closer feel of nature whenever you wake up? Search no further. Outlook Ridge Residences in Baguio City is the home you have always wanted for your family. All you need to do is to take a step today, acquire it, then sit back and relax knowing that you’ve finally found your dream home. You won’t complain again about Metro Manila’s scorching heat or the need to find a vacation home. At this newest property in the city, you’ll have that home that provides you the cool environment you need each day after your daily tiring routine. Here, you have all the amazing reasons to celebrate life. Your nights will always be refreshing, and in the mornings you’ll wake up to the sweet scent of pine and, of course, the fresh air.

Probably one of the first things you would like to know about Outlook Ridge Residences is the developer behind this incredible landmark in Baguio City. Well, it’s a project by the popular DMCI Homes. If you’ve been keen to follow the trends of real estate developments, then you must have come across this name a couple of times. With a passion for real estate, expertise and relentless efforts to give customers the best, this developer ensures that all your interests and needs are well met. While Outlook Ridge Residences is a condo, DMCI Homes also develops and sells house & lot properties, townhomes, rent to own homes and sale by owner types.  Whether you want one on rent, lease or own terms, you are sure to get the best deals. You don’t need to save all your lifetime to be able to buy a home. It’s simple and affordable to both individuals and families.

With 6 stories of residential units, Outlook Ridge Residences meets the needs of modern-day families. If you want a permanent residence, then you have finally found one. This awesome community has nicely done landscaped gardens, landscaped atriums that have fireplaces, a sky park and roof deck, coffee shop, scenic elevators and sauna among others. Indeed, living in such a place is like being constantly in an enjoyable vacation home. You won’t bother to plan to have time away from home in a beautiful environment because your home provides such an environment. In fact, there are also parks and leisure areas within the immediate vicinity. Some of the best ones you will live near if you buy a home here include Sunshine Park, Mines View Park, Baguio Botanical Garden and others. All units have two bedrooms, and each floor has between 8 and 16 units. Regarding size, units have sizes of 45 to 54.50sqm. 

Aside from the features of the property, it’s also great to find out what kind of amenities will you have access to here. Well, living in Outlook Ridge gives you easy access to the best schools and health centers. If you’ve been spending a lot on travels to seek healthcare and education then, your problem will come to an end here. The only task you will have is to sit and choose where to seek these important services. What’s amazing is the fact that, all the options available here are great for you. In fact, Baguio City enjoys popularity when it comes to schools and health facilities. So grab this golden opportunity and get a chance to live next to the best institutions, facilities, and transport.

Outlook Ridge Residences is, indeed, a great residential development that provides a meaningful and comfortable way of life for the community. It’s a great opportunity you shouldn’t let go if you have been looking for a good place to acquire a permanent home for your family. All units are pre-vetted and meet industry’s regulation regarding construction of such properties. Besides that, DMCI Homes is a renowned property developer you can trust to give you a chance to get high-quality home affordably. For convenient lifestyle, choose a unit that meets your needs and won’t make your blow your bank. 

It’s time to live in a 24 hour secured property with all the features you need. Rest assured that your dream home is here and you need to act now before you are left out. It’s time to become part of the new community. If you have kids, small family or large family Outlook Ridge Residences ensures that you have enough space. Call today, select an appropriate unit, choose the best payment plan and you already have your dream home.

DMCI Outlook Ridge Residences in Outlook Drive, Baguio City, Philippines is a premier Condo project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Outlook Ridge Residences, then check here first. We have full details of Outlook Ridge Residences updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Outlook Ridge Residences - Location & Vicinity

Outlook Ridge Residences is located at De Los Reyes St., Outlook Drive, Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines. If you love adventure and communicating with nature, then here’s your ideal home. It’s a peaceful environment away from the noise and feel of a busy urban center. What makes it even more awesome than you ever imagined, is its nearness to essentials of life. If you love shopping, you won’t be traveling far to purchase your favorite stuff. Besides that, access to transport is easy. Indeed, you have a chance to achieve your lifelong goal of owning a beautiful and perfectly located home.

The Mansion, Mines View Park, Camp Joy Hay, Wright Park, and Baguio-Loakan Airport are some of the nearby places of interest. You, of course, know that life can’t be complete without these essentials. You now have a rare opportunity to live near them and access them anytime you need. All these are great places to enjoy your gladdest moments and have fun. Living a comfortable life isn’t just about having a good house but also having an opportunity to socialize and mingle with friends during your free time. However, you can only do that in the right places. As you have seen, Outlook Ridge Residences gives you access to amazing places of great interest. All these areas are nearby places that will only take you minutes to be there.

With numerous health facilities in the area, the location of this property was, indeed, carefully chosen. You won’t travel anywhere to seek medical help since there are great hospitals and health centers in the area. Some of them include Baguio General Hospital, Pines City Doctor’s Hospital, St. Louis Hospital of the Sacred Heart, Baguio Medical Center, Notre Dame De Chartres Hospital and others. If you been around the city of Baguio, you’ve probably heard about these awesome health centers. They not only provide the best services, but are also known for their excellent care for patients. Now imagine living near them! You’ll, indeed, enjoy the best healthcare.

There are also numerous churches within the location. Whichever denomination you belong to, rest assured that you’ll find your place here. You can be attending services at Divine Word Parish, Saint Joseph the worker parish, Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral, Church of the Nazarene and others. Though it’s dominated by the Catholic Church, you won’t miss a place to go if you are a protestant. Aside from places of worship, there are also government facilities that you can visit to transact and access public records. So living here means having quick access to government services you need.

We use our homes and where we live to distinguish ourselves. Moreover, the places we live determine many things. To live the lives we want, we must have homes in good locations. As already shown, Outlook Ridge Residences is a perfectly located property that gives you all you need to live a comfortable life. In fact, living here means giving your family the best environment that easy access to essentials of life. Don’t miss to be part of the Outlook Ridge Residences Community. 

Central Business District :

  • Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral - 3 Km
  • SM Baguio - 3 Km
  • Baguio Centermall - 3 Km
  • Baguio Market - 3 Km
  • Burnham Park - 3 Km

Hospital :

  • Notre Dame De Chartres Hospital - 3 Km
  • SLU Hospital of the Sacred Heart - 3 Km
  • Baguio General Hospital - 3 Km
  • Fil-Chinese General Hospital - 3 Km
  • Pines City Doctors Hospital - 4 Km

Schools :

  • Berkley School - 2 Km
  • Brent International School - 2 Km
  • St. Louis University - 2 Km
  • University of the Cordilleras - 2 Km
  • University of Baguio - 2 Km
  • University of the Philippines - 3 Km

Nearby Places of Interest :

  • The Mansion - 0.39 Km
  • Wright Park - 0.65 Km
  • Mines View Park - 0.76 Km
  • Baguio Country Club - 0.82 Km
  • Camp John Hay - 1 Km
  • Baguio-Loakan Airport - 4 Km
Outlook Ridge Residences Location

Outlook Ridge Residences - Photo Gallery

Real Estate Photo Gallery

Coffee Shop With Al Fresco Dinig

Coffee Shop With Al Fresco Dinig

Fitness Gym

Fitness Gym

Landscaped Garden

Landscaped Garden

Roof deck

Roof deck

Site Development Plan

Site Development Plan

Fire Pit

Fire Pit

Outlook Ridge Residences - Features & Amenities

Whether you are buying a home for the first time or you’ve bought before, there are amenities you must assess carefully before you go ahead to buy the property. Everyone wants a worthwhile investment but being able to choose from many options especially these days when there are lots of them out there can be a challenge. Outlook Ridge Residences property has awesome features. In fact, it has all the desirable features and amenities of a modern residential property. You are assured to find all the vital features of a condominium, so you live comfortably with your loved ones.

To start with, the finishes and the materials used here are high-quality and durable ones. Since this is a high-end residential property, the kind of flooring and surfacing used is resilient and will definitely last many years. So if you have been looking for a place to buy a permanent home, then you’ve landed home. Outlook Ridge Residences is built to last and offer you the beauty and comfort you need at home. You can, however, add a few things to customize your home if you so wish but rest assured that most of the features you need are already there.

Speaking of building features, this property has a sky lounge, entertainment room, game room, and hotel-like lobby. You, of course, know that having a good home isn’t just about the best kitchens, bedroom, living room, bathrooms, and dining areas. Life will be boring without a place to play and enjoy entertainment with your loved ones and neighbors. As you have noted, Outlook Ridge Residences gives you what you need regarding games and entertainment when you are free and need to refresh yourself.

Outdoors, there is a landscaped garden, arrival court, and playground for your kids. This being a place surrounded by pine, you will always enjoy fantastic pine scent when you arrive home. Also, the fact that this is a mountainside property makes it a cool and highly attractive area. Indeed, living here will completely transform your life and give you an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful environment that nature has provided for you. Your friends will, in fact, be visiting you to tour the place and enjoy the awesome environment and rich culture around the Outlook Ridge Residences in the Baguio City.

For maximum security, there is a perimeter fence around the whole property. Furthermore, there is a fire alarm system with an automatic sprinkler and a system that suppresses a fire. You will, therefore, enjoy top security and safety in case of fire incidents. Aside from that, there are individually metered utility connections, and when there is a power outage, a standby generator will ensure that your power needs are met. Other great features include individual mailboxes, single-loaded corridors, and balconies in all units. You, indeed, have no reason not to own a home here if you’ve been looking for one in Baguio City.

  • Arrival Court
  • Lap Pool
  • Sky Park / Roof Deck
  • Gazebo / Cabana
  • Shower Area
  • Landscaped Gardens
  • Landscaped Atriums
  • Sky Lounge
  • Entertainment Room
  • Game Room
  • Hotel-like Lobby

Outlook Ridge Residences - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio Type ₱ 2,529,615 28 sqm
2 Bedrooms ₱ 3,877,000 45 sqm
2 Bedrooms ₱ 4,844,000 53 sqm

Outlook Ridge Residences - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Spot Cash
Spot Cash with 10% Discount
15 - 85 ( 4.5% Discount on DP )
15% DP with 4.5% discount
85% Turn Over Balance Payable Thru In- House or BF
20 - 80 ( 5% Discount on DP )
20% DP with 5% Discount on DP
80% Turn Over Balance Payable thru In- House or BF
40 - 60 ( 7% Discount )
40% DP with 7% discount DP
60% Turn Over Balance Payable Thru In- House or BF
50 - 50 ( 7% Discount)
50% DP with 7% discount on DP
50% Turn over Balance Payable thru In - House or BF
2% PDC discount will be applied provided complete documents and PDCs are submitted within 30 days from reservation date
30 70 ( 6% Discount )
30% Down Payment with 6% discount on DP
70% Turn Over Balance Payable thru In- House or BF
Closing Fee Options
Scheme 1 : Cash payment : 9.6% of the TCP
Scheme 2 : Down payment period : 10% of the TCP
Scheme 3 : One time payment on RFO date : 10.5% of the TCP

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